The number one banana production district of Maharashtra

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Jalgaon, the banana capital of the country is situated in Maharashtra, western India. The fertile land of  agricultural region of Khandesh, Jalgaon is world's largest pulse milling center & cotton producing.
The district produces more than 16% of India's bananas and thus 3% of world banana production takes place in Jalgaon.  According to Mahabanana, an association of banana growers of Maharashtra, 66% of Maharashtra's land under banana crop is in Jalgaon.
Jalgaon is also one of the world's largest pulse (beans/daals) milling centers. It has a few jewelry makers and is a leading cotton producing region.

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Jalgaon is often known as the "Banana Capital" of India. Jalgaon has grown from being a small town to a regional trading hub. Jalgaon Municipal corporation is the administrative body for the city, which is housed in the 17 floor building which has become a landmark of the city. It is one of the tallest Municipal corporation buildings in India. Adjoining this is the Golani complex with more than 500 shops and flats. Crossing Mahatma Gandhi road towards the Shastri tower visitors will find Phule market, well known as a retail market for clothing, cosmetics, and almost all consumable items. Further along is another one of Jalgaon's important markets, known as Dana Bazaar. Khandesh Central, in the heart of the city near Station Road contains 5.5 Lac Sq Ft of shopping, including Big Bazaar, INOX four screen multiplex, Globus, Woodland, Bata and various other stores, wholesale market for food grains. Next to it, after crossing Subhash chowk, visitors enter the market of Jewellery (Sarafa bazaar). Jalgaon is one of the biggest Jewellery markets in Maharashtra and famous for its Gold quality and designs therefore it's well known as 'Golden city'. Beside the jewelry market, is the construction, hardware and paints market (Bohri gully).